daily skincare routine for dry skin.

as the months get colder, more of us are starting to experience the effects of dry skin, so if you're trying to figure out what to do to tackle those concerns – this is the routine for you.

bonus: since our products are intended for multiple skin types and conditions, this can also be used more regularly by those who suffer from dry skin throughout the year. 

starting your day.

in the morning, you'll begin by washing your face with the cleaner colada cleanser, which is rich in african oils like marula, mongongo, and kalahari melon that gently remove dirt from your skin without stripping anything away. 

the pineapple enzyme helps to gently exfoliate dead skin, while the coconut, squalane and shea butter all ensure your skin is left feeling moisturised. 

for those people (or those days) which require a lot of moisture, you'll need to follow your serum with the crème de la cream moisturiser which offers light moisture without leaving you feeling greasy, using a blend of shea butter, kalahari melon, marula and rosehip oils. 

finally, your morning routine ends with our all the shade 100% mineral, tinted spf 30 which not only protects your skin from the sun and pollution using zinc + vitamin e, but also offers even more moisture using a combination of hyaluronic acid + marula, mongongo, almond, and argan oils.

ending your day.

in the evening, you'll start your routine again with the cleaner colada cleanser, which will also help remove your makeup, spf and build up from the day.

next, you'll either use the all glow'd up serum again, or, up to 3 times a week, will use the save our skin chemical exfoliator to gently remove any dry and dead skin cells.

this soothing exfoliator offers a powerhouse blend of ahas (in the form of lactic, tartaric and citric acids) and bhas (in the form of salicylic acid and willowbark extract) which are all going to work together to reveal new skin.

in addition to exfoliation you also get aloe, panthenol and niacinamide which also help to further soothe your skin and reduce any irritation.

lastly, you'll end off your routine (and day) with the du-pont lush moisturiser which offers extreme moisture that won't leave you feeling greasy.

using a blend of shea butter, hyaluronic acid, panthenol and squalane as well as coconut, marula and baobab oils this moisturising wonder will give you the extra hydration you need without clogging your pores – allowing you to wake up to skin that is soft and supple. 

what's even better about this is that it can be layered on thick before bed and used as an overnight hydration mask that gives you the ultimate hydration treatment when you need a major pick-me-up.