our story.

lelive is a clean, conscious and high performance skincare range that is made in and inspired by africa.

formulated with a unique blend of results-driven scientific actives and premium african botanics, the range is designed to give you clear and glowing skin.

it is our mission to create premium skincare that is simple, effective, sustainable and accessible while celebrating what makes africa unique.

sustainable skincare made by africa.

proudly made in africa, we take inspiration from the diverse people and riches of the land. it is our vision to share the beauty that africa has to offer, with the world.

our products are vegan, reef safe and cruelty free, we will never test on animals.

we use aluminium, glass and fsc certified packaging, that is better for the environment.

ingredients and product philosophy.

our products are simple, effective and versatile. they have been designed to tackle multiple skin concerns - no more 12-step routines.

over 95% natural ingredients - with african botanics like green rooibos, shea butter, marula, baobab, and aloe as well as other powerful plant actives like bakuchiol, fruit derived exfoliating acids, and biotechs.

we combine these with scientific actives - including niacinamide, vitamin c, salicylic, peptides and hyaluronic acid - for the best results.

we never use sulphates, parabens, formaldehydes, silicones, or anything we don't consider clean.

the products are dermatologist approved, formulated by experts, and are tested by our community.

for a diverse community.

we are made for all skin types, tones, and cultures.

we are suitable for all ages and genders.

we value transparency, authenticity and inclusivity.

meet lelive's founder: amanda du-pont.

lelive's name was inspired by Amanda's unofficial swazi name, and means 'of the nation or world', which was a perfect fit as lelive is all about building a strong community that we support, listen to and are guided by.

"In the development of this range, we were looking for a brand and product that was clean, simple and effective, whilst staying true to what makes Africa truly unique." 

our promises.

artificial fragrance free
artificial fragrance free.
paraben free
paraben free.
conscious packaging
conscious packaging.
made in south africa
made in south africa.