introducing our cleansers.

where it all started.

our journey to create the perfect skincare started with our cleansers. 

after asking our community on social media what they wanted it was clear that our solution needed to be gentle and non-stripping – so that's what we set out to create!

double cleansing at its best.

thanks to the rise of k-beauty, the double cleansing method has gained popularity over the past few years.

it's built on the idea of using one cleanser to remove makeup, oil, spf and any other build-up, and a second cleanser to give your skin a deeper clean, once all the excess has been removed. 

when done right, this offers a much gentler solution compared to using makeup wipes (which can be harsh on your skin) or only using one cleanser (which may not remove all build-up).

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cleaner colada | coconut + pineapple african oil cleanser.

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gently removes excess sebum, pollution, and makeup. 

the oil-based formula melts away the day by emulsifying into a milk once water is added, which allows it to be removed easily

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non-stripping + non-clogging.

our expert formulators use only the best ingredients and processes that have your skin's best interests at heart

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ingredients to love.

kalahari melon, marula, and mongongo oils to remove excess sebum, pollution and makeup

pineapple enzyme for gentle exfoliation
squalane and coconut oil to moisturise and renew

jelly splash | rooibos + aloe jelly cleanser.

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non-stripping, non-drying.

our sulphate-free formulation provides a foamy feel without any drying or stripping – making it perfect for even those with sensitive skin

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just like jelly.

the water-based formula isn't like anything you've ever tried before – it's a citrus jelly that's a fresh summer splash for your skin 

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ingredients to love.

rooibos green tea, aloe, and rose water to soothe and purify

salicylic acid, niacinamide, and lactic acid to renew

hyaluronic acid and shea butter esters to hydrate