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the lelive referral club: 

we're making it even easier for you, and those who matter to you, to own our range!

by joining the lelive referral club and following the steps below you'll be able to earn points (1 point = 1 rand) for referring your friends 

please follow the instructions below carefully. it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to get set up. 

how it works:

1. click on the link below – it will open up the referral panel. 

2. register an account on the panel. if you are redirected after creating an account come back to this page and continue with the steps. 

3. you will find your unique referral link on the panel. you can now share this with friends you wish to refer. 

NB: the "ways to earn" option on the panel is empty. this is because the only way to earn points is through referrals at this stage in time.

4. if your friend follows the link they will receive instructions to receive their unique referral code for 100 rand off.

5. once your friend checks out using the code, you will receive 100 lelive points. this can be redeemed on the panel for store credit (1 point = 1 rand). you will also receive an email notification.  

p.s. keep referring friends to gain more points to spend on our site! there is no limit to how many points you can accumulate. 

open the referral panel